Saturday, 28 May 2016

Busy day, gardens and Father Gascoine

It was a busy day for a weekend. Toni was out and about taking Aaron and Jade to view a property. I stayed at home and attempted to get the back garden beaten into submission. One smoking lawnmower later and I put in an emergency call to Toni for new tools!

She re-appeared with a new lawnmower and strimmer and promptly departed to the hospital as Leanne's waters had broken so hopefully it would be all systems go on that front.

Sam and I continued to do phase one of the garden which will make a tidy up tomorrow a piece of cake. So nice to have a lawnmower and strimmer that are effective.

The rest of my day was spent playing Bloodborne. I finally managed to defeat Father Gascoine. This is the second boss that you meet in the game. According to comments online he is the fifth hardest out of seventeen so I was ecstatic to have gained that victory and could progress further!

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