Friday, 20 May 2016

Singing Spectacular @ Blackheath Halls

Tonight Toni and I were off to Blackheath Halls to see Zoe perform with Eltham Hill School Choir in the Royal Greenwich Singing Spectacular. This event comprised of choirs from across Royal Greenwich schools performing individual pieces as well as combining as one ensemble for select numbers.

Here's Zoe with Eltham Hill School Choir performing For Good from Wicked.

...and here is the final number, an ensemble of all choirs performing Footloose:

The full program was:
Ensemble - We Built This City
Greenacres Primary School  Choir - My Favourite Things
St Thomas More Primary School Choir - Cups (When I'm Gone)
Cardwell Primary School Choir - When I Grow Up
Wingfield Primary School Choir - Something Inside So Strong
'a cappella' Plumstead Manor - King 
'a cappella' Plumstead Manor - Divas From The Decades
Ensemble - Anytime You Need A Friend
Ensemble - Hole In The World
Eltham Hill School Choir - For Good
Windrush Primary School Choir - All Night Long
St Ursulas Chamber Choir - Lay Me Down
Royal Greenwich Gospel Choir - It's Not Over
Royal Greenwich Gospel Choir - Presence Of The Lord
Ensemble - Turn The Beat Around
Ensemble - Footloose

It was a brilliant night and there was so much talent being shown tonight across all age groups. With an ever decreasing decline in government funding for the arts in schools it was wonderful to see Royal Greenwich working hard to get children involved and have a passion for music. I actually found it quite emotional as the opportunities that were there for me growing up now have to be funded via donations. It was a pleasure to attend this event and see the fantastic work that Royal Greenwich are doing in schools.

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