Friday, 12 February 2010

The Ghost Of Lemora @ The Purple Turtle

Toni and I got dressed up and headed off to The Purple Turtle tonight to go and see three bands, two of which contained people that we know.
And here we are:

And so onto the bands.....................

We arrived for the last couple of numbers of TRES CALAVERAS. They were pretty good and I'd have liked to have seen more of them.

I've been looking forward to seeing I NATION live ever since I became acquainted with Dylan Smith when he was working with The Veil. Musically it wasn't quite what I had expected but it was very good. Dylan is a pretty good frontman and even managed to maintain his composure as he fell of the stage!

See all the I NATION pics here: 120210INationThePurpleTurtle

Last but by no means least were THE GHOST OF LEMORA. They put on a fantastic show and I was delighted hear them do "Happy End Of The World" which is one of my favourite Lemora songs. Peddling some awesome gothy tunes they had me hankering for my October visit to Whitby Goth Weekend. Would be awesome if they got asked back to play there again.

See all THE GHOST OF LEMORA pics here: 120210TheGhostOfLemoraThePurpleTurtle

Following the gig we hopped the tube to Leicester Square and had a lovely meal before heading back to Eltham.

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