Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Dogs D'Amour @ The Borderline

This was part of my birthday present! Toni had got us tickets to see The Dogs D'Amour at The Borderline. This was the definitive (rather than original) line up of the band back together again after MANY years! Tyla, Jo, Steve and Bam!

There was no support act tonight, so we indulged in some Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash while we waited.

After a 45 minute wait the band hit the stage. OMG it was take no prisoners time! We were treated to an hour and forty minutes of awesome rock and roll. This was like an ultimate greatest hits party with a couple of quality new songs thrown in for good measure!

See all The Dogs D'Amour pics here: 23/02/12 The Dogs D'Amour @ The Borderline

How Come It Never Rains

Here's the full set list:
Last Bandit
Firework Girl
Kid From Kensington
Wait Until I'm Dead
Everything I Want
Flame Boy
Billy Two Rivers
All She Ever Wanted
Medicine Man
Ballad Of Jack
Livin' On
Victims Of Success
Trail Of Tears
How Come It Never Rains
Drunk Like Me
Baby Glass
No Gypsy Blood
What You Do
Satellite Kid
I Don't Want You To Go

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