Sunday, 11 June 2017

Hag stone hunting in Bexhill-on-Sea

The day started in glorious fashion and Toni and I both enjoyed a coffee out in the garden when we first got up. It was really nice sitting out there in the warmth and chilling.

Suitably relaxed it was time to head off to Grays to meet Helen and Keith and pick up Jess and Sasha and then head off to Bexhill-on-Sea for a day on the beach and hag stone hunting as part of the Dolmen Grove Essex & Kent Moot. We parked up on the road where Pam used to live which was a little bit emotional. It was nice to see that all her flowers were still flourishing though.

We headed for the beach and had a quick wander to find a good spot to set up camp.

We settled down for a picnic lunch as the kids were hungry.

After the noms it was time to scour the beach in search of hag stones.

Everyone had fun in their searching and we all found lots of nice stones, shells and of course hag stones.

I enjoyed just sitting near the sea watching the waves come and go and would have quite happily stayed doing that for hours.

Alas, the time came when we all had to jump into cars and head back again. After dropping off Jess and Sasha, Toni and I went to Helen and Keith's and spent an enjoyable evening.

It was a brilliant day that everyone thoroughly enjoyed and we can't wait for our next moot outing.

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