Friday, 2 June 2017

Upcoming films

Having had a fair few visits to the cinema of late I thought it was time to do a quick round up of some of the trailers for things that are going to be released shortly.

Following on from my disappointment with the Wonder Woman film I have to say that I am still quite excited about the Justice League movie, The latest international trailer has just just dropped and it could be that DC might be able to redeem themselves.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe juggernaut is showing no sign of slowing up any time soon and I can't wait to see Spider-Man: Homecoming as we finally get a Sony and Marvel collaboration setting Spider-man properly in the same 'universe' as the rest of the Disney and Marvel films.

Although it is some way off yet I had to drop in this leaked trailer for the Captain Marvel film. Let's hope we see positive reviews for this in the same way we did for Wonder Woman due to the film having a female lead. I didn't agree with the reviews but they certainly did it no harm and I want to see similar treatment given to this one. There isn't much detail on this film yet but the leaked trailer from Comic Con but it has got me very interested!

On the Marvel front we also another TV trailer for upcoming show The Defenders. I'll even forgive the Nirvana soundtrack on this one! Iron Fist so far has been the weak link out of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage so I hope that he won't drag this one down.

The final trailer for Valerian has been released. The film looks beautiful, can't wait to see if the plot holds up to the visuals..... and oh, that soundtrack!

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