Monday, 12 June 2017

More fantastic game trailers from E3

E3 is now in full swing with lots of fantastic game trailers being released. I'll kick things off with the one that I am most excited about. Assassin's Creed Black Flag was a great pirate game but a less good Assassin's Creed one. Well now Ubisoft have created Skull & Bones based on the sailing engine from Black Flag so it's all aboard me hearties as we sail the seven seas! First up is the cinematic trailer:

..and then a gameplay trailer:

With the Spider-man Homecoming movie about to be released it stands to reason that there is already a game in the wings ready to utilise the popularity of the webslinger. I'm like the look of this one.

I really enjoyed the God Of War 3 game on the PS3 and now God Of War 4 is heading to the PS4!

Last but not least we have the return of the Monster Hunter franchise to a Sony platform. It's always been a fun co-op game that is popular in our household so I imagine this will be a hit in Glitzville.

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