Sunday, 5 May 2013

Early start, fry up, bleaching hair, Anchorman, Goon and more Play Off hockey

Early start today (boo) as we had to go into Eltham for Toni to pick up her new glasses and a set of contact lenses. Our excitement new no bounds as we then went to Tesco to do some food shopping. On our return I cooked up an awesome fry up: bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and toast. I might be biased but it was delicious. We caught up with Doctor Who from last night which was another really good story and then followed up with the magically larger than life Da Vinci's Demons.

I finally got round to bleaching Toni's hair in the afternoon. I had been promising to do this for some time and finally did it. I was a little nervous but my fears were unfounded as it looked really good when I was done.

As Play Off is upon us we decided to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders game. I'm no fan of the Islanders but I was kind of hoping that they might win just to upset Pittsburgh as they'd already caused a shock to get the series to 1 - 1. Sadly this was not to be as Pittsburgh made it a 2 - 1 series lead in overtime. It was a good game to watch though.

Sam cooked up some delicious Tex Mex for dinner and we had a good old chuckle to Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy. Such a funny film that we never get tired of watching. This little clip with Baxter going for a trip is awesome:

Next up was a wild punt on Goon, an ice hockey film about a guy who is handy with fists that ends up getting signed by a team. It was a pleasant surprise, not a bad movie for killing some time although not a patch on Slapshot!

Our night finished off with more live Play Off ice hockey as we took in the Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators game. Again this was not a game with teams that I have any allegiance to so it was good to just sit back and enjoy. This one had spurred our interest after the shocking hit from Eric Gryba on Lars Eller in an earlier game so we figured it might be a feisty one.

This was an end to end game with lots of masses hits. Tensions were high and you could just feel things were waiting to boil over. It did too with a mass punch up in the third period between all main players on the ice. You don't see that very often in a play off game! Ottawa had the better of things overall though and took a 2 - 1 series lead after a 1 - 6 victory. The penalties and fighting didn't stop throughout the game (with lots of players being ejected) and the final penalty minute totals were Montreal: 125 and Ottawa: 107 making a cozy game total of  232. The benches were so short that forwards were playing in defence! This was a great game to watch!

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