Sunday, 20 December 2015

Holding the fort, Scream and the Fantastic Four

Today I was supposed to go to the Dolmen Grove Essex Moot Ceremony with Toni but sadly I had to stay home to Pam sit. Unfortunately she required more care and is reaching the point where we can't really leave the boys to watch her so it was my turn today.

Netflix seem to be going great guns in getting new original TV shows made. Sam and I have just started watching Scream, a new take on the Scream slasher movies. It's pretty good with much more focus on the kids and their relationships and attempts to unravel what is happening. We've just down the whole first season and can't wait for next year when it starts again.

Another upcoming TV series that I am looking forward to is Legends Of Tomorrow which is a spin-off from the Arrow and The Flash shows. If they do this one right it could be fantastic.

Our day finished off taking the Fantastic Four reboot for a spin. I've not seen much good said about it but I bought it to keep my collection complete. It wasn't quite as bad as people made out. It certainly wasn't as good as the previous two Fantastic Four films but was still enjoyable. I didn't like their interpretation of Dr. Doom though, he just didn't seem right to me. As my old mare Shaun used to say, 'It's a good pizza movie'.

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