Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Force Awakens: 5 days to go

The countdown is truly on now! Just five days to get through and then we are there! This post today is going to be music day, just for a bit of fun, once you get past the images below!

Before we get to the musics, here are some gorgeous theatrical banners that have been appearing advertising The Force Awakens plus some new posters following on from the latest international trailer.


Kylo Ren:



....and now for the music...... *drum roll*

Here is Mr Abrams giving 60 Minutes a sneak peak of The Force Awakens with a fair bit of footage of John Williams and his orchestra laying down the soundtrack.

...and talking of the soundtrack, it's available to pre-order. Of course there is a nice video to go along with this advertising. You can pre-order from here:

The crew of Made In Hollywood asked the cast of The Force Awakens to sing the Star Wars theme tune. Here's what happened:

As we are getting near Xmas I thought I'd treat you all to Sithmas On Hoth by Darth Elvis & The Imperials:

Last of the musical interlude is this awesome Star Wars piano medley.

James Corden did a skit on his show with Chris Hardwick called The Star Wars Song which is a Christmas Song Parody

Hip hop isn't really my thing but I was quite impressed with this Notorious B.I.G. and Star Wars mash up!

This next video isn't strictly musical but does have a song at the end :)

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