Friday, 11 December 2015

The Force Awakens: 6 days to go

Well it's all go now, it's officially less than a week until The Force Awakens! We have a personal story, some videos and a bit of humour at the end!

Today I shall be telling you a personal story! On Wednesday I bought a copy of Total Film which came with two mock ups of the original Star Wars trading cards:

On reading the magazine it turned out that there were four of these cards created. Yesterday I went on a hunt around a few newsagents thumbing through every copy of Total Film that I could find in the hope that I would come across the missing too cards. Sadly it was all to no avail and I resigned myself to the fact that I would only have the two. I got home from work to find a letter from dad which basically said, "these fell out of my Total Film magazine and thought you'd like them." You guess it, they were the missing two cards!

That's one very happy KT and phone call to dad to express my gratitude!!!!!

There was a red carpet event in Tokyo yesterday as part of The Force Awakens press tour. Here's some of that event for your enjoyment:

ESPN will be doing a special feature on the 15th December with Mark Hamill called Evolution Of The Lightsaber Duel. Hopefully this will make it on to Youtube in a timely manner after it has been broadcast for the benefit of those of us that don't have access to ESPN. Here's the trailer for it:

As you might expect with The Force Awakens on our doorstep it was time to work through the prequels and original trilogy on a daily basis leading straight into Episode VII. Today started with The Phantom Menace. Say what you will but it had to be done. I also managed to catch a documentary on Channel 5 called How Star Wars Changed The World. If you ever get a chance to see this it is well worth a watch!

Finally, as a bit of light relief, here's three classic Star Wars posters re-imagined in the style of Spaceballs! The Schwartz Awakens!

.....and for reference here are the originals!

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