Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Crashing out and up all night

Today started like any other one with me getting up and going to work. I'll spare the details of the working day suffice to say that I went from leaving in a good mood last night to being thoroughly hacked off within five minutes of arriving today. Things didn't really improve so it was a sigh of relief that I left for the day.

When Sam and I got in Toni was crashed out on the sofa. She must have been knackered as she didn't really come round despite us trying to engage in conversation. We ordered food and started watch Better Call Saul and Toni decided we were being to noisy so got up and went and crashed out again in a chair in Pam's room.

Sam and I watched a film and then he went off to game and I crashed out. We both woke up after 23:30 and were wide awake. We ended up being up pretty much all night.

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