Saturday, 12 March 2016

Crow Dancers assemble

It was an early start today with Taloch and I running through some songs and me getting a bit of bass recorded. Slowly the rest of the band arrived and we went into rehearsal mode. It was a marathon session but the songs are sounding amazing. The live show will be something else, so much power and energy waiting to be unleashed.

It's hard to express just how excited I am about what we are creating here. So many catchy things that will stick in your head for days!

After the rehearsing we then donned all our gear and headed out for a photo shoot. Here is the first publicly released image:

After the photos Kayleigh, Chris and I then had to do some work for our upcoming promo video which was fairly stressful but I am sure the results will be brilliant.

It was then time to relax with Kayleigh, Locana, Chris, Taloch and I heading out to The Belvedere for a wee drink. OK, it was a lot of drink and great fun!

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