Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Long day, lovely lunch and horror fun

Today was a day of wasting time in meetings. There's nothing worse than spending hours in a room and coming out feeling that it was pointless. We don't have very many like this these days but sadly today was one of them. This made for a long day!

Lunch was lovely once again courtesy of WASO.Tokyo. Today I chose miso marinated salmon, mushroom rice with tofu/avocado salad

The afternoon was a bit more productive at least but it was a great relief to finally go home.

Toni was out at Yoga so Sam and I took the opportunity to grab some horror movie time. Our film of choice was low budget New Zealand horror Housebound. Not a bad little film with lots of funny moments. It was all made even funnier by Sam not being able to tell the difference between an New Zealand and South African accent!
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