Saturday, 19 March 2016

Good day, visit from Helen & Keith and tree planting

Today was a much better day. Various "meh" feelings were eliminated and then we got up and had breakfast. We then did a bit of a blitz on the living room to make it a bit more presentable. There wasn't that much to be done but it make a really big difference to the feel of the room. It has a better vibe now.

In the afternoon we had Helen and Keith come over with Finn and Kinsey for a visit. It was great to have them here, lots of fun chat and a delicious dinner. It's always lovely to have them over and spend time with them :)

In the evening I looked after Pam while Toni went to meet Giselle for a drumming and tree planting ceremony with Helen & Keith and the clan. They all had a great time!

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