Sunday, 8 July 2018

GLOW, lawns and Suits

It was another bloody hot day and not doing much was the plan. It could be dangerous out there LOL.

Breakfast was accompanied by the second season of GLOW - Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Season one was good but they really upped the ante with this season with a great story and growth for the characters. The 80s retro is still beautifully done. As I've said before if you like wrestling you'll love this show but it still stands up as good watch even if you don't like the old grappling!

I had to bite the bullet and brave the heat in the afternoon as the grass was really in need of a good trim and I didn't want to leave it too much longer before it started to become unmanageable. It didn't take that long to mow the lawn but it was most unpleasant working out in the blazing sun.

Chore complete we then indulged in another binge of Suits

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