Thursday, 12 July 2018

I didn't want to adult today!

Today was an I don't want to get up day. I didn't want o adult! Sadly I had to and headed to work as usual.

It was a busy old day with meetings for 99% of it. It wasn't all bad though as I did manage to get lots done. Half way through I was gutted to find that I had accepted an invite to do an interview at 5pm. Clearly I wasn't paying attention when the invite came in. I was tired and wanted to go home but a late night beckoned.

Sadly the candidate was delayed by 35 minutes (but did at least phone ahead to let us know) and so the interview didn't end until 18:50 and I didn't leave until 19:10.  Oh well, such is life in my position.

It was so lovely to get home, kick my shoes off and relax. Indian food was accompanied by Anchorman and the live action Beauty And The Beast. Two great films to take my mind off of the working day :) Beauty And The Beast reminded me of when Sophie was little and watched it for the first time and muttered, "Don't die Beast", nearly brought a tear to my eye!

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