Sunday, 24 September 2017

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Today we were up early for a Sunday as we headed off to Watford Junction to meet friends to embark on the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Once we'd all met up we waited on the bus to the studio. It's a shame it wasn't a Knight Bus that turned up to get us LOL.

It wasn't long before we arrived

As we started the tour we popped onto and signed up to be sorted into our houses. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, my patronus is a Red Squirrel and my wand is Chestnut wood with a phoenix feather core:

The tour was amazing, I took so many photos and we had great fun

It appears I am now a fully certified Harry Potter fan so it's time to actually read the books.

If you like the world of Harry Potter then you will LOVE the studio tour. I can't recommend it highly enough and we are definitely going to back for another visit.

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