Wednesday, 13 September 2017

WWE Mae Young Classic finals

So tonight we finished off the semi-finals and finals of the Mae Young Classic tournament.

Brilliant is all I have to say. Like the Cruiserweight Tournament that preceded it we got to see top notch talent from around the world compete with lots of unexpected surprises along the way. This tournament was very refreshing in that most of the wrestlers were not what could be described as typical WWE Divas as most of them could actually wrestle properly. 

It's always been a bugbear for me to see the majority of women chosen based on their looks rather than ability to wrestle. I don't want to see a load of barbie dolls doing a pseudo pillow fight, I want to see woman of all shapes and sizes knocking seven bells of shite out of each other.

The Mae Young Classic certainly delivered on that front!

I won't post any spoilers as the final was only this week but it's great entertainment if that's your thing.

Check out the whole tournament on the WWE Network.

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