Friday, 29 September 2017

Manic morning, Rannah and TV catch up

I had a manic morning at work today trying to fit in as much as I could before having an afternoon off. The time off was most welcome so Toni and I got to spend some extra time together.

Dinner was a take away treat courtesy of Rannah (formerly Rishta). The first episode of the latest The Big Bang Theory season kicked off our evening of entertainment. It was excellent as usual.

Next we finished off the final two episodes of Midnight, Texas that we'd not seen yet. It's a pretty good show so hopefully it will get renewed for another season. Some shows have their renewals announced almost immediately but NBC have been strangely silent on this one so far. It was no True Blood (despite the original books also being written by Charlaine Harris) so fingers crossed there was enough in this to let things continue.

Last but by no means last was the latest instalment of The Blacklist. I really missed watching this show so am very glad that it's back again for another season. The show continues with new weekly plots plus a continuing underlying story arc. If you've not seen it before then you only have four seasons to catch up before this one LOL.

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