Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Cancelled train, sad news, late trains

Went in a little later than planned today due to not wanting leave the new mega comfy mattress. Aiming for the Blackfriars train I was excited at the prospect of picking up a delicious bacon roll from Piccolo's en route to the office. Blackfriars train was cancelled so I was bacon blocked!

Preparation for the weekend continues and there are now very few problem left over from previous migrations. I'm still hopeful I can crack them all before I start Wave 3.

In very sad news it was announced today that David had resigned and won't be back. This is a big loss to us and he will be missed very much.

The curse of the trains continued later on as everything was delayed when I got to Cannon Street to head home. My train ended up leaving nearly 25 minutes wait. Could have been much worse and at least it wasn't cancelled but it was something I could have done without.

My evening consisted of Indian take away, Lucifer and some more episodes of The Magicians.

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