Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Day off, not a day off, Runaways, Despicable Me 3 & Avengers trailer

Today was planned as a day off. Had to do some stuff with Toni in the morning and was going to then relax for the rest of the day. Made the mistake of checking a few emails and then realised that there things I need to have in place before I can take some time off. My day off turned in to not a day and became a half day off instead.

Oh well, on the plus side I did get to work from home and managed to clear off all the things that had been cropping up in the morning. Despite not being quite as I had intended I did end the day feeling slightly rested.

The evening was spent watching the latest episode of Marvel's Runaways and then the totally awesome Despicable Me 3.

I'd better give an honourable mention to the Avengers Infinity War trailer that dropped today too. Can't wait to see this next year! Damn, that new Spider-Man suit!!!!!!

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