Sunday, 12 November 2017

Loads of sleep, Empire At War, SQL analysis and TV catch up

I didn't get up until after noon today. It was wonderful! There was so much needed sleep and it was so nice to wake up feeling much less stressed than I had been.

Although we haven't managed to play Star Wars Destiny for a while Sam and I finally got around to sorting out our collection and getting our Empire At War boosters catalogued. We can now proudly say that we have a full set of Destiny Awakenings, Spirit Of Rebellion and are only a few cards short for Empire At War. Now we eagerly away the release of the Legacies expansion set.

I briefly popped into work mode to do some SQL Server memory analysis before falling back into relax mode. The rest of the day was accompanied by The Blacklist, Hell's Kitchen, Inhumans and The Shannara Chronicles. Oh yes, I and I got some laundry done too :)

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