Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Toxic Avenger The Musical 100th show

Sam and I were back at the Arts Theatre  again tonight for my 4th and his 7th viewing of The Toxic Avenger The Musical. As you might have gathered, we like it quite a lot!

We were front row tonight and had planned some Rocky Horror style audience participation. We had wigs, hearts and Oprah posters all to fit in with various parts of the show. It was all well received by the cast who we spoke to afterwards. We bought them cake and gave them cards and awards as a token of our appreciation for the great performances they give and delight that we receive.

There was a bucket collection in aid of Acting For Others

I'll be seeing the show at least two more times as will Sam although I suspect he'll also add a couple more on top of that. It will be a real shame when this run ends.

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