Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Controlled explosion at The Gherkin (Suspect Device)

Well it was all go at the office today. Everything was busy as usual and I was just about to go and start doing a review when we received an internal alert instructing us to all stay away from the windows and to immediately head to the basement.

Turns out a car had been left unmanned outside the Gherkin and the situation was being taken very seriously. History: The Gherkin stands on the site of the Baltic Exchange and Chamber Of Shipping which were extensively damaged by an I.R.A. bomb in 1992 so potential terrorist threats are always treated with due diligence.

While in the basement there was a muffled bang. I suggested it as a controlled explosion (much to the disbelief of colleagues) but I've heard enough of them over the years to have an idea what they are like. After much waiting we were informed that the police had indeed conducted a controlled explosion on the car. It was all over in just over an hour and we were allowed back to our desks. Lots of good photos came from surrounding buildings including the robot:

Here's one of the new reports

Brings to mind the 'good old days' of the suspect device threat

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