Sunday, 26 November 2017

Morning work, Penn & Teller, Stargate and Rangers win

Well there's nothing quick like having to do a bit of work on a Sunday to start it off in a bad way. It was something I could have done without but it was sadly a necessary evil. *sigh*

After the working it was back to the chilling again (with a large mountain of toast and bramble jelly).

We've started watching a great little show called Penn & Teller: Fool Us. The premise is that magicians have to perform a trick/illusion in front of a live studio audience (and Penn & Teller) and Penn & Teller have to work out how it is done. If they can't do it then the magician gets an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to open for Penn & Teller at their residency there. It's actually quite fascinating especially when they get fooled by some of the more unlikely candidates.

Next exciting thing for the day was watching the Stargate movie. I always forget just how enjoyable it is. It was also funny watching something with James Spader in that was The Blacklist.

This has now given us incentive to watch all ten season of Stargate SG-1......

The evening closed out with us checking out our first New York Rangers game in a while. We tuned in at the start of the first with Rangers trailing 0 - 1 against the Vancouver Canucks. Second period ended with Vancouver leading 1 - 2 and we were wondering if we'd made a mistake tuning in. At the start of the third the Rangers drew 2- 2 before Vancouver went 2 - 3 up. It was definitely starting to feeling like one of those games. A beautiful combo play from Vesey and Nash had the level at 3 - 3 with 13 minutes left. Despite some good chances neither team could get the win and so we went to overtime! Overtime was very frantic and then we went to penalty shots. Aaaarrggghhh! After much butt clenching the Rangers managed to win on the 7th shoot out round! PHEW!

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