Monday, 5 April 2010

Breakfast, Anvil, South Park and a warning from history

Didn't wake up too early today, YAY!
I got up first and made a yummy fried breakfast for Toni, Gemima and I. We watched a bit of The Nazis: A Warning From History documentary before heading of to Asda.

Some shopping later we swung by Livvy's to pick up Sam.

We had lunch/dinner and watched Anvil: The Story Of Anvil, a great real life story that has some very close comparisons to the Spinal Tap spoofumentary.

Following food Sam went and had a bath and Toni and I watched some more of The Nazis: A Warning From History.

As this had got a bit heavy going and emotional we then swapped out for some light relief courtesy of those folk in South Park!

Toni and Gemima headed back to Eltham and Sam and I caught up with WWE Smackdown before finishing the last of The Nazis: A Warning From History episodes before hitting the pit.

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