Monday, 19 April 2010

Wrassling and the Who!

When I got in I called mum to wish her happy birthday and have a quick catch up. She is coming to stay for 12 days in May (when I have my operation) which I am really looking forward to (seeing mum, not the operation!).

Monday night routine then kicked as usual which was great. Sam and I catching up with the recent WWE broadcasts (Smackdown and NXT) and just generally chilling out.

Next up was episode three of the new Dr Who series, Victory Of The Daleks. We like the Daleks, Daleks are cool and the new ones are awesome! The new Doctor took a bit of getting used but I am starting to quite like him now. Roll on the next episode!

Sam had an early night and so I finished off my day chatting to Toni and then having a nice relaxing bath.

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