Thursday, 1 April 2010

Off to Eltham and Metabolic

Back to work today and then shot off to North Greenwich to meet Toni. Quick drive back to Eltham and then a gorgeous beef casserole that Toni had made.

Following dinner we made ourselves presentable and then went to Bexleyheath for the launch night of a new rock night, Metabolic. Had to queue to get in as the bouncers were scanning all photo ID before they let anyone in. Toni didn't have any ID with her but thankfully the bouncer let her in anyway.

It was an OK night, nice to go out for a drink locally (ish) in a venue with decent music although the atmosphere was very sterile and so there was no soul to the night. They managed to attract a lot of people which was good although the general noise of the throng drowned out the music so the balance wasn't quite right. Personally I prefer the sort of rock night where you have to shout to be heard over the music. We didn't hang around too long but it was enjoyable nonetheless and good to know that if we ever fancy having a drink in a place with good music without having to venture into central London then we can.

Here we are:

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