Friday, 9 April 2010

Michael Monroe @ O2 Academy

Met Toni at North Greenwich tonight and we headed off to the O2 Academy in Islington to go and see MICHAEL MONROE. Strangely for the Academy the queue was tiny when we arrived, Chris was ahead of us in the queue and started showing off his photo of him with Michael Monroe. I laughed and called him a fan boy! One of the good things about being near the front of the queue was that we could camp out at the front of the stage!



We bumped into Chloƫ who recognised us from Hard Rock Hell III where she and her boyfriend had rocked out with us during the Tigertailz set.

And so, the entertainment:

DIRTY HARRY were a pretty good band. The music was loud and raucous and having ex-Towers Of London guitarist The Rev playing for them is no bad thing. Their singer Dirty Harry looked like very much like Debbie Harry, and she looked GOOD! She had the looks, stage presence and the voice but did have a bit of an attitude problem which put me off a bit but they certainly have great potential and I would allow this to be a blip with a view to maybe going to see them again.

See all the DIRTY HARRY pics here: 090410DirtyHarryO2Academy

Now this is how it is supposed to be done. Michael Monroe used to use the term "Rock Like Fuck" and tonight he and his band most certainly did. This gig was one of those once in a lifetime ones that you just had to be at. Dishing up a wonderful cocktail of Hanoi Rocks, Demolition 23, Michael Monroe and Damned numbers it was musically perfect with Michael, Ginger, Sam Yaffa and co firing on all cylinders and then some! To top it all off Charlie Harper put in an appearance to sing on Endangered Species and was having an absolute blast.

See all the MICHAEL MONROE pics here: 090410MichaelMonroeO2Academy02

As if the evening couldn't get any better we bumped into Dennis before it was time to leave. He is looking well and we are arranging a meet up soon although I am not sure he deserves it after blocking me out of our photo LMFAO:

Just to recap, this gig was something very very special. If you missed it, you missed out BIG TIME!

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