Friday, 27 January 2017

Another early start but a better day

It was another early start today and it's really starting to be hard work. On the plus side I had a breakfast date with Andre (my old boss) which made a nice deviation from the norm. Delicious food, a hot drink, and good conversation actually made the day far more bearable than it should have been. I'd really like him to be my boss again ;)

Sam really brightened my day up though when he sent me this wonderful Star Wars image! It really made me smile and the rest of the day was much better after that.

Our travel back was slightly improved because Sam was feeling ill and was sent home early which meant we could grab a much earlier train from Victoria. For the first time since Monday we actually got home at our usual time. 

Getting up early and all the additional travel was really draining and wiped me out so I ended up going to bed much too soon for a Friday night LOL.

I really hope they get everything fixed up over the weekend so that the trains are back to normal.
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