Saturday, 7 January 2017

Walking, Empire v Rebellion and fun with the Lowes

Today started off with exercise. Wait, what? Yes you heard that correctly, exercise. Toni and I went to the local Turkish shop to get our body weight in vegetables and rather than drive or get the bus we decided to walk there and back again. It felt good to do it and we'll certainly be repeating it.

In the afternoon Sam and I had a run through of my Star Wars Empire vs Rebellion game. It's a quick to play card game that isn't hampered by the need to collect lots of expansion sets or spend hours building decks to play with. It just plays straight out of the box and is great fun.

After a delicious veggie meal we then hopped into the car and headed out to Essex to see Helen and Keith. Had to chuckle at this van en route, childish I know.....

After a catch up and sending the kids off to entertain themselves we had a really good drumming session to get us in the zone. We did some experimentation with different incense and oils and then a wonderful meditation working with crystals.

Their cat even dressed up for the occasion:

We had a brilliant evening and didn't end up heading home until the wee small hours. What a wonderful Saturday it was spent with family and friends.
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