Sunday, 22 January 2017

Homemade veggie breakfast and Holy Hell

It was one of those days today where we had a hankering for things that were not in the house. Toni really fancied hash browns so I suggested we just go and make our own variant, which we did. Potatoes were peeled, parboiled and put through the ricer and then we mixed with some onion to create some patties:

Some mushrooms were thrown in the oven to cook and then we moved back onto our Glitz potato cakes.

Chuck them all in to get nicely browned on both sides:

Throw in some eggs and a wonderful veggie breakfast looks something like this

I spent about an hour doing some tech support for mum who was having some issues with internet connection which turned out to be most likely a problem with her service provider.

Our afternoon was spent in the company of Ed Byrne and his Different Class show. We'd not watched any of his stand up before and were delighted to find that he is very funny.

Later in the evening Toni went and had a bath and I watched Holy Hell a documentary made by a former member of the Buddhafield cult. My interest in cults began with Jonestown and has expanded since through Branch Davidians, Heaven's Gate and Children Of God etc. It's fascinating to see how these leaders manage to captivate people enough to brainwash them and take them away from their normal lives to live in their shadows.

If, like me, you have any sort of interest in cults then this documentary is definitely worth checking out.

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