Sunday, 15 January 2017

Nuts and seeds, visits and WWE UK Championship Tournament final

Yesterday we bought a selection of nuts and seeds so that I could make my own little snack pile. There's a funny story attached to this. I mixed them altogether and had a few nibbles last night. I was talking to Toni about them first thing this morning and said that I wasn't 100% sure about the sunflower seeds because they tasted a bit woody. She asked if I had shelled them. "They don't need to be shelled," was my response. Well, it turns out they did! I'd never had them before and so just assumed that they were good to eat straight out of the packet, DOH! I then had to separate the sunflower seeds from the rest so that I could start shelling them.

Toni and I made a trip to Eltham to get some things from Holland & Barrett. We did laugh when we found packets of sunflower seeds that really were good to go. Obviously we didn't need to buy any as I have lots at home that can be eaten (eventually). We did get some pumpkin seeds to go in the pot though.

When we got back I said about completing my nuts and seeds mix. This is the finished result.

I did spend a lot of time shelling some sunflower seeds. I've decided that they are more effort than they are worth though so here is the ones that will not be making into phase one:

We had a visit from Nick (who was collecting stuff for Zoe) who stayed for a cuppa and long chat about technical IT stuff much to the disgust of Zoe and Toni. This was then followed by Bob popping by to sort out some admin stuff and make use of our printer. It's been a busy old day.

Toni popped out to see Jade so I settled down to watch the WWE UK Championship Tournament. Once again the talent showed that they were deserving of their places in the Quarter Finals. It was a lovely touch (well blatant product placement) with announcers Michael Cole and Nigel McGuinness both sporting Blue Peter badges (not pins Mr Cole) after the cameras had highlighted Blue Peter presenter Radzi in the audience.

The semi finals were good with Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate making it through to the final. Dunne then blindsided Bate and gave him a working over which will put him at a disadvantage for the final. It was later announced that Bate had sustained an injury but would continue (thus creating the classic underdog scenario). The penultimate match was Wingnut (sorry, Neville) against Tommy End with both guys getting a massive pop from the crowd.

The final was absolutely incredible. It's probably a contender for match of the year and it's only January! It felt like things were going Dunne's way but I was delighted that after numerous near misses 19 year old Tyler Bate pulled off the victory and was crowned the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion.

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