Friday, 20 January 2017

Having a giraffe

No this isn't the return of the large giraffe on the train. This refers to the old cockney rhyming slang.

Following on from listing lots of items on eBay I had someone contact me about some of the items that I am selling and they enquired what else I might have that they could be interested in that wasn't listed yet. I spent a fair bit of time taking pictures and logging it all in a spreadsheet for them to take a look at. I then received a list of what they wanted with an enquiry in to how much I would be asking.

I did a quick scan on eBay for current prices and then did some good discounting to make my asking price seem attractive. The cheeky person then had the cheek to offer me less than half of what I was asking on the basis that they had seen some items that I was selling go for bugger all on eBay. Whilst this might have been the case the current situation was that those same items were currently listed on eBay NOT for bugger all but for reasonable prices (that I had generously discounted).

Needless to say I was not impressed with their attempt at having a giraffe and have decided that I'll be listing everything on eBay and will take my chances on there rather than accepting what was frankly quite an insulting offer. Bloody sharks everywhere I tell you!
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