Monday, 30 January 2017

WFH and Royal Rumble

Despite claims from National Rail that everything was good with the lines today I decided to play it safe and work from home rather than risk another journey of disappointment. I figured I'd let it all get back to normal properly today and then all will be good tomorrow. Thankfully it was a nice easy working day so I started and finished on time.

The evening was spent catching up with last nights WWE Royal Rumble.

This was a pretty good show. Charlotte retained her RAW Women's Championship against Bayley in a match she probably should have lost. Kevin Owens put on a blistering WWE Universal Championship title defence against Roman Reigns with both men taking some crazy bumps. Comedy was provided by Chris Jericho who was locked in a shark cage above the ring to prevent him interfering. Ironically Braun Strowman appeared and decimated Reigns allowing Owens to get an easy pin.

Neville finally got what he believed he deserved by defeating Rich Swann for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Sadly the Cruiserweight division and their 205 Live show don't get the recognition they deserve as there is some great talent among these guys.

Match of the night for me was AJ Styles v John Cena for the WWE Championship. AJ is one of my favourites in the WWE at the moment and he never turns in a bad performance. In this match he made John Cena raise his game several notches allowing them both to really shine. Sadly Cena won the match and took the belt from Styles but he had to work hard for it.

The Royal Rumble match was an entertaining affair with lots of fun moments. It was nice to see The Undertaker back again but he seems to be working injured which made him less effective than usual. We had expected Roman Reigns to walk away the victor when he ended up being the 30th entrant so it was a pleasant surprise to see Randy Orton walk away the victor.

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