Monday, 9 January 2017

Scream Queens and The Exorcist season finales

Sam and I finally got round to catching up on a couple of season finales that we had been waiting to watch since before Christmas.

First up was the amusing Scream Queens. Season two rounded off with an excellent episode building well on the plot so far and ended on a nice little twist.

If you want to know more then here's a quick trailer and a link to the website:

Next up was the end of season one of The Exorcist. Based on the classic film this dark and gritty series stayed true to the source material and came to a wonderful climax at the end (if you'll pardon the expression).

If you like things dark and you like horror the The Exorcist is definitely worth a watch. If you need convincing then here's a trailer and website:

Sadly neither show has been confirmed for renewal at the this moment in time. I would certainly be happy to see them both continue and Scream Queens ended in a way that could easily continue into season three and The Exorcist can also logically progress into a second season. Fingers crossed and all that jazz that the execs at Fox give the green light to both shows.
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