Saturday, 14 January 2017

Walking, Imperial Assault, WWE UK Championship Tournament

Toni and I had a nice walk today up to the Turkish shop for vegetable provisions. We keep finding really nice things in there and it was difficult not to go crazy. We did pick up a few treats though like pickled garlic and some olives and stuffed peppers.

Lunch was made up of some dips and various vegetable things. Even though the idea of a bacon sandwich was very appealing I have to confess that I feel much better taking the healthy option. Who'd have thunk it eh? LOL

Toni was out to one of her groups in the evening so Sam, Tristan and I had a round of Imperial Assault. It was good to blow the dust off of the box and play it again. Sadly Tristan's Imperials beat the Rebels that Sam and I were playing.

Tristan headed off bome and Sam disappeared upstairs to game so I watched the first night of the WWE UK Championship Tournament. Have to say that it was quite an impressive show with some great talent on display from around the United Kingdom. One of my favourites didn't make it through due to a controversial finish but sadly there is no video review in these things. Can't wait to see the remaining matches tomorrow night.

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