Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Bananaman The Musical take two #Bananaman #ManOfPeel

It was back to the Southwark Playbouse tonight for round two of Bananman The Musical. Sam and I were back for more this time accompanied by Toni and Zoe.

Once again it was a wonderful show. There were a number of little tweaks that have been made here and there to make everything work a bit better. It is still a fantastically fun production that once again had me smiling from ear to ear and oh those tunes, they just elevate me.

Marc Pickering and Carl Mullaney are just THE best villainous duo as Doctor Gloom and General Blight. They work so well together and it produces comedy gold. You couldn't ask for a better evil pair! Jodie Jacobs is great in her role as crow and has a great voice and provides the perfect sidekick for Mark Newnham  as out hero Eric Wimp. Eric's alter ego Bananaman is handled by Matthew McKenna who hams it up in a delightful manner. Emma Ralston plays investigative journalist Fiona Mullins and oh those vocals, she's a real powerhouse and her solo number Pretty In Pink is a joy to the ears. TJ Lloyd handles the role of bumbling police Chief O'Reilly wonderfully, Lizzii Hills is great as Eric's mum Mrs Wimp and Brian Gilligan makes a mean Mad Magician. Big shout out also goes to Chris McGuigan and Amy Perry who complete the Ensemble.

I've said it before and I shall say it again, Leon Parris is a musical genius. The tunes are fantastic, the lyrics and VERY clever and the whole damn ridiculous thing just carries you off into a place where you can't do anything but have fun.

It still gets 5 stars from me, or should that be bananas!

So that's two down. I suspect there will be at least one more before the run ends!

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