Sunday, 10 December 2017

Snow, lots of snow, cancelled trains, working and a Star Wars world premiere

Well we when we up this morning it was a bit white as snow had fallen during the night and continued to do so. It looked absolutely beautiful.

My What The Forecast app had this to say LOL

We had been keeping a close eye on the trains for our journey home but as time went on things just started to get worse and worse as the snow continued to fall down. Oh well, there are worse places to get stuck LOL.
Slowly we watched all of our possible trains blink out of existence until it was clear that we were staying here for another night. YAY!

I then emailed my boss to say I would start WFH today so the I could get some credit in place for travelling tomorrow and then I'd finish tomorrow WFH once I finally managed to get back. Ended up doing 5 hours of work so it can be a light day tomorrow!

In the good old USA they had the world premiere of The Last Jedi and now we are only days away!

The world premiere looked like an amazing event!

The spoiler free reactions that have been appearing on social media have been amazing and really really make me want to see The Last Jedi NOW! RIGHT NOW!

Tonight we watched Episode IV: A New Hope to continue the countdown to The Last Jedi

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