Monday, 25 December 2017

Relaxed Christmas Day

We had a really relaxed Christmas Day. For the first time ever we didn’t get up until noon. There was no rush to do anything so we had a cup of coffee to kickstart the day and watched The Grinch.

Such a great film to mark the start of our Christmas. I love the way they perfectly captured the look and feel of the wacky world of Dr. Seuss. It’s the only Who I need on Christmas Day LOL. This was accompanied by toast, smoked salmon and some Rattler, om nom nom.

At 3pm we started to think about prepping our Christmas dinner. It was going to be a late one but we didn’t care.

Next up on the old gogglebox was Disney’s animated A Christmas Carol (this wasn’t an intention Jim Carrey fest LOL).

I’ve always loved this take on the Dickens classic. The spirit of Marley is amazing and the ghosts outside when he departs truly convey the despair of leading your life the wrong way. 

Presents were had and then we started putting the finishing touches together for our Christmas dinner. It was actually nice to eat much later in the day. It was gone 7pm by the time we actually ate. Toni worked miracles in our tiny kitchen and served up an amazing spread.

In a bit of an odd one we watched an episode of UK’s Strongest Man with dinner. Go figure LOL

Suitably fully up we then embarked on The Muppets Christmas Carol.

You can’t beat a bit of this musical classic at Christmas time. Sam, Zoe and I were singing along. 

It was an absolutely brilliant Christmas Day. It was great just having it with no plan or expectations. Eating late in the evening was a genius idea and there’s still plenty left over for the next day or so.

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