Sunday, 11 January 2009

Good day with dad and Stephanie

Dad and Stephanie came over today as we hadn't seen them for a while. It was lovely to see them both and good to see Stephanie looking well following her recent battles with breast cancer (see here blog, Bah! to cancer:

We started proceedings with a cup of tea and then us giving them their Xmas presents. Toni, Sam and I were then given some presents that dad and Stephanie had bought for us in Turkey.

Dad and Stephanie:

Toni with some nice new earrings:

Sam with his glass dish:

Following exchanges of presents we then went off to The Lodge to have lunch. It was really nice to see that they have refurbished the restaurant are to make it look much less pub like. We all indulged in the carvery that was on offer and it was delicious.

Dad and Stephanie:

Dad and I having a chuckle:

Aaron, Toni and Gemima:

After lunch we all drove over so that dad and Stephanie could see Sophie and Shane and see their flat. Just had time to have a cup of tea and for Sophie to be given some baby gifts before we all had to shoot off.

Stephanie, dad and Sophie:

Gemima the loon and Toni:


Geminii Glitz said...

It was a really good day. Lovely to see your dad and Stephanie again.

Has been a really good wekend actually....


Stephanie said...

We really enjoyed it too. It was lovely to see everyone and meet Gemima. And we love our presents!