Thursday, 29 January 2009

It's getting tougher, but exhilarating too!

Sam and I went to the gym for our second induction tonight. We started off warming up on the bike before being shown and put through our pace on all the various weight equipment. 30 minutes of weights is no mean feat when you aren't used to exercise!

It really put us both through our paces but was very positive (and the first time I have ever felt comfortable at a gym amongst all the "real" fitness freaks). Bits of me have now started to ache that I didn't know were possible to ache, have a feeling it's going to be hell in the morning!

I've signed up for an Ab Attack and Steptastic class next week and Sam and I are hoping to try and spend an hour a day at the gym (Monday to Thursday). Diet is going well too, lots of healthy stuff being eaten now and almost cutting out bread completely has really made me feel less bloated (ten points to smart arse Toni for suggesting that I try cutting it out LMFAO)

Oh, and for the record, tonight I did 14 floors in under 4 minutes on the Stepmaster so that's a third of my Tower 42 quest!

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