Monday, 11 January 2010

Good day, gym and PS3

Had a good day at work and surprised the boss by being able to update the company website for him in the absence of the usual person who does it. I even got a "Thank You" from him, such a novelty :o)

Got home and prepared for the gym. Had a slight delay as I had to sort out Sam's PC for him which didn't take long , thankfully.

Had a good old crunch at the gym, the new regime is VERY hard work and I was tired and achey by the time I had finished.

Had a chat with Toni as I walked back, well I let her rant about some stuff at work and I listened LOL

Sam made a lovely chicken curry for dinner and we watched some Stargate SG-1. It was then PS3 and I indulged in a little Assassin's Creed before tiredness caught up with me.

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