Monday, 25 January 2010

GP, TNA, Download & Bastardcard

It was reasonably calm day at work today and I even got to leave early as I had a GP appointment to discuss my ultrasound results.

Having been to the GP I am now pleased to be able to say that I have been referred to Doctor Harvey at Broomfield Hospital as he is the gallbladder guru. Just got to wait for an appointment to be sent to me now. One step nearer thank god! Just to really take the shine off of things I have also been asked to go back to the GP next Tuesday morning for some blood tests, oh joy!

Sam cooked us a spanish chicken variation and we watched TNA Impact. TNA is really going downhill fast. It was bad enough bringing in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff (the two men partly to blame for the death of WCW) and then all their washed up ex-WWE legends and ex-WWE mid-carders just added insult to injury. Then they took away the six-sided ring, something that made TNA stand out and be different from most wrestling organisations.

Mimicking the infamous Montreal Screwjob was completely and utterly lame and showed no imagination or creativity at all. Going as far as Kurt Angle spitting on TNA "owner" Hulk Hogan (as Bret Hart did to Vince McMahon in the WWF) was pushing it WAY too far. I feel really sorry for Kurt Angle and AJ Styles having to work that shit, it sucked and moves TNA one step closed to oblivion. *TNA rant over*

Have just seen the line up for Download and I have to say that I am seriously unimpressed. AC/DC and Them Crooked Vultures? WTF? Sonisphere and Bloodstock look far superior so far although it is unlikely that I'll get to do any of them. Even if I don't though I still have Whitby Goth Weekend to look forward to in October!

Finished off the evening helping Toni prepare for her next assault on the well now institution of parasites known as Bastardcard. Will keep you update how this next episode goes!

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