Saturday, 16 January 2010

Star Wars, Star Trek, S.N.A.P.!!!

Started the morning with scrambled eggs and bacon and Return Of The Jedi. Sam then indulged in a bit of Prince Of Persia on the pS3 and the bugger got further than me in 2 hours than I did in 2 days *grumble grumbe*!

After numerous cups of tea we then watched the newest Star Trek film, a wonderful remake of the Star Trek "James T Kirk" legacy.

After Star Trek it was time to get ready for our night out at SAKS Underground and the inaugural S.N.A.P. (Saturday Night Alternative Project). Attending S.N.A.P. was a smokescreen for a birthday surprise for Matt. I had suggested that we have a Hollywood Doll night out although unknown to Matt we had invited loads of people.

Was less than impressed to find that Sam had forgotten to tell me that we had run out of shampoo!

Some tart getting ready:


The birthday boy Matt:

Funny Faces (starring Laura and Toni):

Sniff the sample:

Lick the sample:

OMG, it IS a sample!:

It was a really good night and loads of people came to see Matt for his birthday surprise so he was delighted.

See all the pics here: 160110SNAP

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