Sunday, 24 January 2010

Merlin, Scarlett, webcasts and meh

Today was a Merlin day. We all got so into it today that we decided to watch another load of episodes and, so far so good, it has remained excellent!

Scarlett peering over the top of her car seat:

Scarlett after having a mega bouncing session on Sophie:

Scarlett had great fun making raspberry noises for most of the day and the chorus of Scarlett, Aaron and Gemima doing it was mildly amusing! The photos don't really catch it but you should be able to get the gist!

Toni did an awesome roast dinner which we all devoured before sitting down to enjoy the pain of watching the Edinburgh Capitals lose 2 - 3 to the Cardiff Devils through the power of the webcast!

After the webcast it was time for Toni and the kids to go back to London. Although she has been doing it for a while it is still quite hard to get used to and seems to shorten the weekend so much. Today seemed to fly by really fast, one minute we were just getting up and the next it was time for Toni to go :o(

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Geminii Glitz said...

I dont like it either

I had a grumble about it on my blog.