Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow, Chelmsford, County Court and old friends and OW!

Sam and I ventured out in the snow first thing this morning to catch the bus to Chelmsford. Here's the view from the bus stop:

We had a quick mooch around Chelmer Village before going to meet our solicitor at the County Court. We were there to finally sign off Sam's compensation for the accident way back in November 2008 (this had to be done in court as he is under 18). It was a satisfactory result and Sam was happy.

After court we popped into James Bryan Opticians to say hi to everyone and for me to make an appointment for an eye test. Was lovely to see Tracy, James and Lisa again. Something I have promised for 2010 is that I keep in better contact with friends so this was a good start. They are planning a curry night in Brick Lane soon and was very pleased that I have been invited along for that.

As we left The Meadows I snapped a few lovely pics of the snow clad area:

We then popped into Games Workshop and had a really long chat with the guys in there about all things 40K and Fantasy. Sam ended up walking away with a Skaven Screaming Bell and we also got a copy of the Fantasy Rulebook.

After a spot of lunch we then headed back in the snow to SWF where we sent the afternoon playing Assassin's Creed and Brutal Legend.

I then headed out to the gym for my second session of the week and my next personal assessment. Met up with Liz and have set my new goals and then she decided to tweak my training plans. This is a one month "get back into it" programme which is MUCH harder than what I used to do and then it's going to get even harder in a month. Self inflicted injury I hear you say? YUP! It's going to hurt for a while but then it will get easier I am sure (at least I hope!)

Rest of the evening spent playing Assassin's Creed and Brutal Legend again.

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