Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Walking, waxing, plucking dyeing!

Twas a busy day today. Quite hectic at work. Lunch was a home made bento style thing with stir fried vegetables and some sticky rice. I actually surprised myself as it was very nice. I did manage to get in nice walk, shorter than usual as I was accompanied by Stuart but good to get out.

Details are here:

Dinner was steak accompanied by the first episode of Series 1 of Teen Wolf. Not a bad show, be interesting to see if it gets me hooked and wanting to watch the rest of it will fizzle out.

The rest of the night was spent starting the preparation for Club Alternative on Friday night. There was plucking of eyebrows, waxing of chest and back followed by restoring my hair to black and the straightening it. All of this was accompanied by various groovy rock n roll tunes including Hanoi Rocks and Rolling Stones.

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