Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Woman In Black, Alphas and entertaining, Futurama and Grimm,

Toni was off to a needlecraft/sewing meeting today so it was a bit odd having the house to myself for a while. I had a quick play on Streetfighter IV and then Sam and I took advantage of Toni's absence which gave us the ability to watch some stuff that she won't, namely horror type stuff.

We watched Daniel Radcliffe try and break out of his crap acting rut in the really rather good The Woman In Black. Nowhere near as scary as I would have liked but the film had it's moments and I really enjoyed it. Still not 100% convinced by Mr Radcliffe but I preferred him in this over the Harry Potter films.

Sam decided to go and play Warhammer with Aaron so I brought myself up to date with Alphas so that I will be ready for Season 2 in a few weeks. It's another good series even if some things are a little too close to X-Men at times. Can't wait to see how Season 2 pans out following the dramatic end to Season 1.

The afternoon was spent entertaining Jade, Leanne, Shivaani, Jodie and Azalea who had come over for a late birthday celebration for Toni. Sadly the weather let us down and we weren't able to have the BBQ that we had hoped for.

Jade had to leave early and Toni brought in the bits she had made earlier and I grabbed them to become an Elder God(ess).
Behold KTulhu

Indian food was then accompanied by a Futurama fest starting with the final musical episode from Season 4 and then we wound back to the very start and did half of Season 1.

Sam and I cleared up and had a good old fashioned chin wag while Toni dropped Jodie and Azalea back home.

Our evening was nicely rounded off with some episodes of Grimm which is another really good TV series that I would recommend.

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